Dear friends,

welcome back ūüôā I had an amazing week full of great stories and experiences which I would like to share with you.

Panel Discussion on Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

This is the biggest highlight of #myweek7. Carl invited us to a panel discussion regarding Trends in a Digital Marketing. Our teacher Gemma was on a panel together with other experts from Bangkok. My key learnings are following:

  • Thailand is growing market with consumers that are demanding more marketing activities
  • Key opinion influencers are an important¬†way of communication. Start with a relevancy to your product and communication. High reach influencers with a huge number of followers can increase your awareness, while mid or low reach are building your trust and engagement.
  • B2B communication – start with a clean web site, strong call to action and be active on social media. Don’t forget on LinkedIn.
  • Viral video is cost effective way of sharing info about your product but there is nothing like a check box for creating such as thing. Great content is a key (either funny or emotional).
  • Paid vs. organic growth – if you want to see your results immediately, PPC is a great tool and it will increase your organic growth as well. However, you have a higher conversion from organic reach. In terms of Facebook, ads are important for increasing your reach. Social signals may play more important role in increasing your organic growth for the future.


Google Analytics

Suruchi organised a class with Carl on Google Analytics. It was a very effective 1 hour. We discussed the main topics with concrete examples for our web page:

  • what is the goal in every business
  • what kind of questions should we ask in order to understand our performance
  • what kind of questions should we ask in order to understand who are¬†our customers
  • where can we find answers to our questions in Google analytics
  • which actions to take for improving our status quo

Digital Marketing classes with Carl

As I mentioned previously, we are attending a Digital Marketing Essentials course. This week we learned:

  • how to create a newsletter
  • how to create a social media strategy and plan
  • how to use Google analytics


Photoshop homework

Although everyone was very busy this week and we didn’t have a proper class on Photoshop, we have decided to have homework¬†to learn more. Our Senior Graphic Designer prepared exercises for us and we discussed them with her afterwards. It was very very helpful, she is really a great designer. This week we learned about creating masks and a dramatic black and white picture.

Website Development Class

Abner shared with us a methodology of creating a good web site for certain business. It all starts with a goal of a company and brief. What info is important, which pages to create, which elements to use and what kind of layout in order to convert visitors of a website to consumers.

Saturday night

Abner invited us to a concert of his girlfriend which was really amazing. We enjoyed it so much. It was a great evening with friends, colleagues from Web Courses Bangkok.

IMG_1320Bill, me, Suruchi, Abner

My Ayutthaya experience

Great idea of how to spend one day in Bangkok – search for any MeetUp as per your hobbies. As I love exploring the new places and travel, my Sunday program was full of adventures. I joined a group Bangkok Walking Adventures for a trip to Ayutthaya. We took a train, a boat and a bike. I get to know new people which I am very happy for. I highly recommend seeing the place as well as register on MeetUp.

Can’t believe it’s another Monday in a¬†couple of minutes. Looking forward to new challenges.

Have a great week.



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