My friends,

another 7 days are gone. I am enjoying my WCB journey 8 weeks already. One-third of my internship is completed (no way!!!). I really would like to emphasise that as time is what matters now. I have 6 months to learn a digital marketing and also some basic things regarding a graphic design and a web development. I just started to have a feeling that 6 months is not enough (Let’s put a bit pressure on my shoulders, why not)! I know I should work hard and be proactive in learning as much as I can. Studying is my own responsibility. Nobody will do it for me but thanks to WCB I have a guideline, I have a mentor (Carl), I have a partner in crime (Suruchi), I have information (courses), I have real case studies (work). Keep your fingers crossed for me! PLEASE!

Digital Marketing Essentials Course

This is my highlight of a week. We have finished our digital marketing essentials course. I am glad I could be part of it. Thanks to Carl, I already knew some things before but it was very useful to summarise it and put it into another context. The whole course was aimed into the whole digital marketing path – from setting up a goal, revising a website, online presence, key word research, google analytics, content creation, social media presence incl. FB ads to tools that can be used (e.g.: graphic design creation, checking of the speed of the website etc). I also enjoyed taking a course in a group as it is always interesting what kind of questions people ask (maybe I would never think about that), what kind of businesses they run and what kind of strategy can be created for them. All in all, the course was great, I looked forward to our classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It was my motivation! I really learned a lot!

IMG_1641Happy to have this certificate ❤

Social Media Content Calendar – events

The importance of Social Media calendar is obvious. It’s not just that I am an extremely structured person, it’s also that it’s practical and saving my time. I really recommend planning your social media content in advance including graphics if needed. This week, I have created all events on Facebook till the end of September including graphics (which I already used it for MailChimp promotion for one of our courses). Now we will have more time to communicate to people who are interested in. I also would like to prepare some social media campaigns which I would like to discuss with Carl in a couple of days.

20106299_10155654264817048_1655436445912403704_nExample of Facebook Event Graphic Design

URL Builder

Carl took us through the URL builder which is a great way of how to track our promotions. As always, we had a real example to prepare.

Real SEO project – Steps by Theera

We have a new project together with Suruchi regarding SEO for Steps by Theera – a vocational training centre set in a coffee shop in Bangkok. I am glad I can be part of it. I love when people help each other. So far, I went through UX of the website and their content. I already have some ideas what should be changed in order to increase the ranking. We will have another meeting with Suruchi the next week to agree on next steps. And I think I need to work from the coffee shop one day as their cakes look gorgeous 🙂

IMG_1766Carl is briefing us for the task

Testimonials aka “How to create a video”

This week was about finishing courses and therefore we needed to create testimonials. Golf has taken us through the setting of a camera and I am praying we did a good job and videos are great.

My weekend was also awesome and I am soooo happy for that

I started to enjoy Bangkok very much – I have met some nice people to spend my time with, I have found a yoga studio that is the best out of the best, I am exploring new places in the town. This week I visited Bang Krachao with an amazing floating market and nature all around.


See you in a week!



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