this week was shorter as I had some day off and there was a public holiday in Thailand. So I took my flip flops, beach towel and book a trip to Malaysia. It was a great weekend full of adventures although I missed all my friends from WCB.

Within my 3 days in the school I worked on 3 main tasks:

Editing of Videos

I can’t say this was my first time to edit a video. But it’s something different to have a nice memory from your holiday and professional looking-like video. I have edited an interview with one Digital Marketing Professional from Bangkok as well as testimonials of some students regarding our courses. I must say it’s not that difficult to work with iMovie. It’s just about trying and playing with content that you already have.

The more important is content and taking a video itself. You should always prepare your questions, check camera’s settings including sound. Also, try to take some video of yourself and be sure you have a nice angle when people speaking to you.

Facebook Ads

Probably the most interesting part of this week was Facebook Ads creation. I can tell you it’s a bit stressful when you really would like ads to do a good job. One thing is to understand basic principles and the other is to make it live. The most important thing is to create a good audience for your business respecting your primary goal (awareness, reach, etc.). Unfortunately, I don’t have the access to the advertisement account so I am pretty nervous (in a good way) how it will look like tomorrow.




When we create ads 🙂 Target Audience is always fun

Finishing my Article “How to become a digital marketing professional?”

I really would like to share with you at least my intro but I am not sure if Carl would like that 🙂 So you must wait for a bit. But all in all, I am almost ready. I have just a couple more comments to work on. I must say I have learnt a lot by writing this article. Not just from the perspective of copy-writing but content as such. It was interesting as well as challenging to write about something I am learning myself. Where to start, what to learn and how? That is my article about…

My Malaysia Trip

I have just 2 basics tips:

  • When you sleep in a hostel, take your ear plugs. Esp. when you sleep on the upper bed, it’s raining and there is just some metal protecting (1 meter above) you from drops of water. Ear plugs can really save you.
  • Do you remember what mums always say? Yes, use your sun cream! It’s true! Don’t forget!

Have a beautiful first week of August 2017.

And by the way – happy friendship day today!


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