Hello everyone,

WOW, #myweek10! That’s kind of special, isn’t it? I have my little “10 weeks anniversary with Bangkok” 🙂

It was a busy week in a school. It’s not just that we had a lot of things to prepare and work on. In general, the school was full of people, group classes and 1-2-1 classes. One day it felt like the school itself will either blow up like a balloon or explode. But, the more the merrier. We have a really nice quote in the Slovak language about this. Not sure how to translate it but I will try -> “You can fit a lot of good people anywhere” so it was really vibrant, dynamic and a lot of fun!


Interviews, testimonials and edits

As we had a last day of Web Design professional course and 1-2-1 Android course we have done a lot of testimonials this week. We are more confident with preparation and edits so we can start to think about moving our testimonials forward.


Content Calendar

My content calendar is full for another 2 weeks however we had a nice discussion of how to move it even further. One thing is to find interesting articles and the other is to write something about it. I usually read all articles but it can be challenging to write a post. I felt like I have no enough experience to comment on some topics (e.g. web development) and I really like what Carl told me. He said something like “neither all people who follow our page have the knowledge so it can talk to them”. Yeah, a little example of “you should always trust yourself”.

LinkedIn and Instagram

I am addicted to Instagram 🙂 But actually, it is not a thing I would like to talk about 🙂 I was exploring more on how the profile of Instagram and LinkedIn should look like and how can we leverage them. I hope we will make some changes very soon. I will update you asap 🙂

Class of “How do we teach”

I really like the style of how our school runs courses. As we had various classes with Carl already, I can really confirm that it’s very effective way of teaching from my own experience. I always understand the topic, I am always dragged into the story. Our school uses 4MAT methodology of teaching which is absolutely great. People are divided into 4 groups based on their ways of learning:

  • People, who want to know – Why?
  • People, who want to know – What?
  • People, who want to know – How?
  • People, who want to know – What if?


Apart of my WCB experience, I am extending my yoga skills in Bangkok

Yoga is my best friend. it’s something that nobody can ever take from me. My practice always depends on myself. This week I have practised every day from Monday till Saturday. I feel I have a lot more energy. So, whenever you’re in Bangkok, don’t miss the place Roots8. Teachers from the capital of yoga (Rishikesh), amazing veggie restaurant and very very very nice people around.


Have a nice Sunday!


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