Hello everyone,

It’s Sunday already. Wow! I don’t even know how this week passed. Time really flies. I am just not sure if it’s good or bad 🙂 I don’t want to be old that quickly 🙂

If I give a name to this week, it will be “kick off” as I started 3 important things to work on or learn.

1st was HTML and CSS within our course of Web Design Essentials.

As I mentioned the last week, this course is really great for all people who would like to understand basics of a web design. I like the logic that is put behind the HTML or CSS coding although I must practice a lot. Currently, I understand the principles and I know how to use them. So let’s give it a try in upcoming weeks. I would like to create my own website for yoga so I am sure I can learn a lot with trying.


Digital Marketing Professional Course

We have started to help teachers with the finalization of the 3 months course. I am jealous of our future students 🙂 It’s such as great course to attend. Trainees will learn a digital marketing 360. From how search engines work, marketing channels, personas creation, conversion optimisation, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing to analytics. I am super happy to be part of the team and help to create this amazing classes. I am sure I will learn a lot too.

I have started to take care of blogs for our website. 

..and my first article will be my own. Isn’t it great? I am almost finished! I learned how to clean HTML code, how to work with headlines, with paragraphs. I can already implement some CSS that I know from our course. I know how to work on SEO for the article. Hopefully, I will share it with you in my next blog.


Have a great week!



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