Hello hello,

this week was very difficult for me. Now I know why – NUMBER 13!!!! I knew there is something in the air!!! Luckily, it’s almost over (just a few more hours – I will stay at home doing nothing just to be sure nothing will happen 🙂 ) and we can start the new little chapter, a week #14. I am so happy.

Despite my difficult times, we had a lot of fun (of course). One of the most important task this week was to wipe all our computers 🙂

Just to emphasize this – Carl asked ME to wipe them! My first thought was that this will be just one big fail 🙂 I always had some boyfriend to do this 🙂 or if not boyfriend then it was a friend of my boyfriend! WHY ME???? It’s almost equal to getting rid of the spider. Luckily, I had a great help, our new intern Donn.

I am sure that Carl thought I can just explain to computers what I want and they will do it by themselves.


BTW – I am so good – I can erase and reinstall Mac like a pro boss super hero (except that I deleted the first computer and one of our teachers came with USB that he has something on the desktop)


We worked hard on our Digital Marketing Pro inputs

Well, this is the ongoing process. There will be always something to work on regarding this course as we really would like to have it the best! I personally love it. And I don’t want to repeat myself every week but this course is something that I would like to attend myself. I am very happy I could be part of it. Especially when we have successfully sold it out! 9 places are booked and we are looking forward to meeting new students that will be with us for upcoming 3 months.



Google Analytics Certification

As you know, I have already covered my Google Analytics topic thanks to our Digital Marketing Essentials course. I have the basic understanding and I can read numbers quite easily so the next step for me is definitely a certification. I started to study for the exam. So far, I have covered topics like how to set up the account, how to set up specific views. So very important but basics info.



Wireframes for my own project

I have also decided that I would like to practice the whole process of website creation. I have chosen my own project regarding yoga. I already prepared the site map and I am finalizing wireframes via mockups. The next step is work with WordPress. My theme will be Divi which is great for beginners. Hopefully, I can show you some print screens next week.



And now, let’s just smile and wish for amazing days to come!

See you next week!


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