Hello everyone,

happy 110 days in Bangkok to me today! Yay!

How was your week? I have a feeling that we were running around like crazy 🙂 and the weather was even crazier. If you imagine April in Europe but like 10000x stronger than you can easily understand how it is in Thailand right now. Real feel temperature around 47-49ºC and sun and rain and dark sky and then sun again. Aha, and, meanwhile air-condition -20ºC so you need a sweater and long pants. My neighbor explained to me that Thailand has 3 main seasons – hot, hotter and the hottest. Ok, I totally got it 🙂

Weather in Bangkok

My highlights of the week were following:

Continuing to work on Steps with Theera

My lovely project that I breathe for… I wish I have even more time and that day has 50 hours and my battery (my internal battery) is stronger sometimes. They really deserve all our attention. This week we were working on the speed of the website. Donn has decreased size of some images and deleted those that we don’t need. I was working on Content Audit, but I am still not finished. it’s quite a complex work to do.

I downloaded Screaming Frog which helped me to screen all URL on the website. Now I should pair it with URL Profiler. Right after this I will analyse all URLs and evaluate their potential – if we should keep it without any change, or should be migrated to some other page, or it just needs some corrections in the content.

Super interesting and I am more than happy that I have this opportunity. It can definitely change the way how I look on my career. Not because this is the first time I am working on charity project. But helping the others it’s so rewarding. And I wish I can have this feeling every day.

Screaming Frog URL
Screaming Frog


Instagram – Optimisation of “about us” 

I updated our bio on Instagram as per the best practices. So we have moved from:

“We provide quality courses in Web and Graphic Design in Bangkok. bit.ly/2dQuXC1


“Accredited web, graphic design and digital marketing training center passionate to grow your ideas and skills. Get our free SEO ebook: bit.ly/2uQek2M

Why did I have changed it and what do I expect? In Instagram’s bio, we should always include:

  • who we are (Accredited web, graphic design, and digital marketing school);
  • about us (we are passionate about growing ideas),
  • where we are (email, city – this is obvious from our name Bangkok)
  • we should always offer something on the top -> for free so we can increase the traffic on our website (a free SEO ebook)

I really expect the higher traffic from the Instagram on our website. Let’s see how it goes. We will test it for a couple of weeks. I am so excited!

Instagram Screenshot WCB

Interviews for new interns

This week we had 2 interviews for new interns via Skype. It’s a tradition that interns are choosing other interns to work with. So, we are responsible for the first round of interview, then the person moves to Carl’s schedule.

I found it very nice when I was interviewed. Although some of us don’t have that much experience, it is part of the story. We all should try it before we will be thrown into the real business. I already interviewed people in the past as well as I had subordinates so for me, it’s more about really trying to ask questions that are relevant and that we can learn if the person is the right fit or not.

And BTW – our new favourite questions is “Do you like Björk?” So, if you are interested into our internships, you better have the right response (joking of course!!!)

Do you like Bjork?

Have a wonderful week!


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