My article print screen

Hello everyone,

good to see you again after these looooong 7 days. This is the first that I didn’t say “this week was very quick”. I am extremely happy that there will be Monday tomorrow. The new beginning and new exciting 5 working days! I am also looking forward to being at school with my friends, my Bangkok family.

Digital Marketing Professional course – preparation of 9 websites

We were working hard on 9 websites that will be prepared for a Digital Marketing Professional course for the practice. Students have chosen their field of interest and we are putting together materials for websites’ creation.

Donn has created sitemaps and wireframes, Sejuti prepared logo and branding (including colour scheme and fonts) and I am working on pictures, blog posts and other content.

Although it’s a lot of work that has to be done within a short period of time, I am happy that I could learn more about affiliate marketing and I could go through the process of website creation in a reality. Yes, I am trying to do my own, but we are a little creative agency now 🙂 Powerful Trio – Donn, Sejuti and Andrea 🙂 That’s kind of combo 🙂

Preparation of websites
Checklist of content creation

A/B Testing for our webjobsthailand.com 

I had this amazing opportunity to prepare A/B Testing for one of our website webjobsthailand.com. We have tested 2 versions of copy for the introducing the project. You can see the current version of the website in the picture displayed below: “Bringing Quality Projects for Designers and Developers”. We have compared it to another version: “FREE Job Posting Site for Designers and Developers”

AB Testing

Results as such are very similar however the second option looks like a winner as a conversion rate is higher by 4.02ppts. My advice would be to test another week and to confirm the results as the base of visitors is quite small. If numbers will be the same, we should change the copy on the website. I will keep you updated 🙂

AB Testing Results


And the last highlight of this week – MY ARTICLE WAS POSTED!!!!

It was a long journey to finalise it but definitely worth it! I realised I like to write articles a lot. It’s just great feeling to push the button “Publish”! I am so happy! You can read it here.

Picture of my article


Well, that’s it from my side for today! Enjoy your week!




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