Hello, my friends,

coming back to you after one week from Laos. I almost forgot to write you how was my week as I turned on my vacation mode. It’s great to have a new experience that helps you to forget about all responsibilities. Although I love my job very much! But, everyone needs a recovery and think about something else for a second. Travelling gives me a new perspective and inspiration. It’s great to meet new people, visit new places. In overall, my week was great!

Meeting with Stories of Silver Silk

I can finally discover what we were working on in the past. I have never mentioned to you the name of the company but I have managed to arrange the cooperation of our school with an amazing company Stories of Silver Silk. It was a love at the first sight.

I was looking for small businesses on Etsy. This brilliant idea came up from the focus group regarding “What skills should digital marketers have?”. So I have quickly chosen and contacted few shops there. I am glad that we have a chance to work with Lucija and Joy.

Maybe you are asking what does it mean to cooperate with Etsy store? Yes, that’s actually a good question. But more than that, the answer is even better. Our student from a digital marketing course will support the client in SEO, conversion optimisation, social media marketing, content marketing while studying their Google Analytics and other data-based sources. We are so excited!



Conversion Optimisation for the Client

Today I was explaining to a random person that I met in a restaurant what is my job about (and that’s how I actually realised it’s Sunday = a blog day). A lot of internships that I know are about administration and doing work that somebody else is lazy to do. But, the internship in WCB is a totally different thing. You are here to learn, to study by yourself and to practice.

How do you practice? You can either work on projects for school or on the preparation of courses. But once you are ready, you can have your client too. And so I have! I feel very thankful for the opportunity. The last years of my career were more about numbers and Sales. I almost forgot how is it motivational and fun to wear a marketing shoes. My brain is fully engaged from all possible angles – creativity, logical thinking, analytical skills. And my heart is jumping out of happiness.

My main task within this project is to increase the conversion optimisation of a website of a client. We have to deliver the outcome the next week so we may implement it quite soon. I will keep you posted!



BTW – that guy was from UK and took care of rescued bears here in Laos.

9 websites for a Digital Marketing course

We are almost finished with our 9 websites for our students. All our content, lo-fi wireframes, hi-fi prototypes are ready. The phase of a development is about to start on Monday!

I would like to spend more time on this one the next week and bring you more details, so stay tuned and read my blog the next Sunday! 🙂


Have wonderful days!

Andrea from Luang Prabang

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