Divi Example

Hello everyone,

As of this week, it is less than 2 months that I will stay with my WCB family. That’s scary!!! I wish I can freeze the time to learn even more.

We had a busy week with the finalisation of 9 websites for students of a Digital Marketing Professional course. The whole idea is to design websites with mistakes or not actionable points and poor SEO so students can practice what they learned about conversion optimisation, content strategy and SEO. On the top of that, they will create Social Media Strategy and set up accounts on particular platforms.

Me personally, I managed to prepare 2 websites which helped me to understand WordPress Theme Divi that I would like to use for my personal websites.

Great exercise for all of us!

my websties

Real client’s project

Read this carefully: This week was also important for me as I delivered my first proposal to a client as a digital marketer.

Due to confidentiality reason, I can’t disclose the name of the company, however, I might talk about what exactly was my task (of course under the supervision of Carl during the whole process). Our main goal was to increase the conversion from visitors of the website to the clients.

How did I do it?

First of all, I have analysed potential personas. For B2B, I found very important to talk about where are these people in the process of the decision, who are their influencers, what are their motivators, what are they afraid of, what can be a barrier for them, what are they looking for on the website, what are CTAs that might be interested in.

After, we have started with the assessment of client’s website. We have included also opinions of our students from a Digital Marketing PRO course which really helped us to either confirm what we think or bring new ideas on the table.

Google Analytics and Mouseflow were another important sources of information. It was really interesting to see how people behave on a website and if we can see some parallel between what we think should be improved vs. what numbers are declaring.

As a summary and our outcome, I have proposed the new list of pages and pages’ elements including CTAs. Carl made final fine-tuning and we sent it to the client! I am so excited!

mouseflow printscreen

Steps with Theera is back on my to-do-list and I am soooo happy

I missed this project so much! I was overloaded with other things, esp. 9 websites, our social media, “real project” etc etc etc. But I agreed with Carl, that I will work on Steps every Friday as we really need to move this project further. I just can’t wait till Friday 😦 it’s another 5 days! I hope I will find some more time again during other days too.

I just can’t wait till Friday 😦 it’s another 5 days! I hope I will find some more time earlier.

Have a great week!



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