Week 20 sounds COOL!

How is everyone? Our WCB life is vibrant, exciting and fun! This week, we had a chance to finish our work for a client, deliver 9 websites to our DM PRO students and polish our LinkedIn account (apart from other 1000s things).

Conversion optimisation for a real client

As I explained in my previous blog post, we were working on a conversion optimisation of a website for our new client. Unfortunately, I am not able to show you more details in terms of what kind of business it was or how their website looks like currently. But it was a great exercise.


I am glad for this opportunity. We have finished our lo-fi and wireframes. Here, I would like to emphasize that this project is another proof that we are a great team. Everyone had a part of his/her own responsibility or supported Carl and me in the process with their revision. It’s amazing to have all these people around!

working lofi

Our LinkedIn account!

I am very happy about updating our LinkedIn profile and about our future activities on this platform. First visitors are coming to our website which is great and I am so excited to see our first conversions soon.


My last task of this week was editing of the article

One thing is to write an article, the other thing is editing. To prepare all links (internal, external), pictures, headlines, learn a bit of CSS. It’s a very detailed and time-consuming work to do. However, the result is simply outstanding. I hope you will love our next blog post that we will publish on Tuesday. It’s nearly done!

Have a nice week!



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