Hey everyone,

this is the first time I am writing you some days earlier than usual. In a couple of hours, I am going to Krabi for a weekend. Do you remember what has happened the last time when I was in Laos? I switched to a vacation mode which is something that is completely needed but it can have “a not desirable impact” on my blog 🙂

This week was demanding but awesome. I learned a lot of new things and I enjoyed it so much!

UX/UI course

Great things first! I am so lucky that we could open this course 1 month before I am leaving. I have still the chance to learn more about UX and UI. I have partially covered that in other projects however always without UI which I am excited about.

This week, we learned about the beginning of the process: brainstorming, user research, user flow, sitemap, page elements and lo-fi.



Feedback from a client to wireframes

Our work for a client that I am mentioning in the past weeks is nearly done. Wireframes, that were done by our agency were sent for the approval and I had to follow up after a client’s comments. Great opportunity to learn UX Pin on the fly!



Newsletter and CRM

Another task of this week was the creation of a newsletter. My MailChimp skills are getting better and better 🙂 I really enjoy the Automated Marketing. It’s not just that you can prepare everything in advance, but I love to explore what is happening and why.


This week I also had a chance to explore our CRM system tool. I will continue next week. I simply love data 🙂


Editing of the article: How to Promote your Etsy Store on Social Media

I have finished the editing of the article about how to promote your Etsy store on social media. When I say editing, I mean to ensure that the article is “SEO friendly”, full of great visual examples, the text is broken into paragraphs, important words are emphasized.

It’s a great article written by our social media teacher Mike. Please have a look here.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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