Hey everyone,

the end of October is behind the door which means Halloween is just right here. 5 months in Thailand! WoW!

Despite the short working week, I had a lot of things to do and move forward. From all of them, I would like to mention 3, that were the most important for me.


Currently, I am building my knowledge on automated marketing, esp. email marketing. I started to dig-in into our contact lists and the way how newsletters are sent.

Based on the analysis that I have done and content strategy that we have as a company, I have concluded that we should focus on the location of our contacts. Our contact lists were historically collected from people who might be interested into our courses or who attended some of them or who subscribed themselves for a newsletter. There were also some overlaps between lists as such.

Currently, I am working on collecting of all contacts and preparing a new list with various segments as per countries of their IP addresses. Let’s see what will be the results.



Steps with Theera

Finally, I had time again to work on my lovely Steps with Theera. I have finished Personas, I installed Google Analytics for them into their WordPress and I am getting ready for a meeting that we have with Max on Tuesday! Big day for me! I am looking forward to sharing with you all news the next weekend!


UX / UI course

Guys, I am so happy. Can you imagine that you are attending your course for UX/UI and doing your own project while studying?  Can’t be better. We also had a consultation with Carl, which was very beneficial for me. So the task for the last homework was to prepare lo-fi for our project and we have started with hi-fi wireframes in the class already. Such as great experience! I love it! I am preparing my yoga project! YES!


Have a nice week everyone!

PS: How do you like my Halloween picture?


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