Hello hello,

it’s November already! Can you believe? I have the same question almost every time I am writing this blog – how comes that time flies so quickly? The last weeks were amazing. Going to work in the morning with a breeze on my back is something that wasn’t here the whole summer. It’s great. Full of energy coming to the school and looking forward to meeting new interns, new students, learn new things and finish my projects. I would like to make the most of out my last moments in WCB and in 2017.

Steps with Theera with finished SEO audit

This week we have finished the SEO audit for my the most favourite project Steps with Theera. It was a great to meet Max and discuss all details, ask questions about how personas are, how do they behave, what are things that matter to them.


Based on all analysis, I have prepared Sitemap and the list of pages with their elements and CTAs. After we will receive the approval from Steps, we will continue with lo-fi and hi-fi. This will take us approximately 2 weeks. I hope we can see the real changes on the website till the end of November or beginning of December. I can’t wait!


UX UI Course

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you my first UI design of a fictive website selling hats. I know it can be better and I am looking forward to Carl’s feedback as I can learn more about the design, but I am very happy. And although this is just a very basic thing, it’s my little achievement of this week.


Halloween Party

What is equally important as being productive and having your project done? For me, it’s the atmosphere at work. I can’t imagine my life in BKK without my friends from the school. I am very lucky who I met and worked with. And I am glad, we are having fun and building our WCB family. Friendships can’t develop from nothing. We enjoyed our Halloween so much!



Looking forward to my upcoming days. I wish you a nice week!



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