Hello from Chiang Mai,

this was almost the last week of my internship. I can’t believe! WOW! I would summarize it with 2 words – handover and UXUI.

My great experience is almost over and there are new young and talented people in a Digital Marketing Internship already. I am glad, I can pass the knowledge, processes and all information to them. They complement each other perfectly and I am sure that they will be a great team. For our handover, we already covered topics like:

  • how to work with Google Suite and Trello
  • what kind of communication do we use for the promotion of the school and why
  • how does Mailchimp work, how to create new templates and how to work with them
  • how do we use social media platforms, what are the differences and how do we manage them via Hootsuite
  • how to create a content calendar and what should be included
  • how to write an article, how to choose a good article for sharing on our social media, why do we create content for blogs

We are still missing some important tasks like how to promote our courses and how do we use Google Analytics. Those are topics for the next week.

The best part of my week was the finalisation of our great course UX/UI. Amazing how many things you can learn in 4-weeks course! Starting with an idea of the project, brainstorming, creating persona and user research, followed by user stories, sitemap, page elements and CTAs. I wouldn’t imagine that I will be able to create my own lo-fi, hi-fi in UXPin and finally my designs in Photoshop. I am super happy to see the first results of my effort as we had a possibility to work on our own projects. This is why I really love WCB! You always have a chance to practice on your own thing – on your own passion! That motivates me a lot and I am already looking forward to having my new website live!

So far, I have my logo and my color scheme:

Yes, my project is about yoga. My future company – my deer yoga! If you are wandering why a deer – it’s simple. My surname means a little deer 🙂 and a deer is also a symbol of heart chakra. Which is the best combination 🙂

PS: Chiang Mai is great 😉 I was kissed like never before 😊


Guys, see you the next week on my last blog! Ou, I am so emotional!

Have a great Monday!



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