My 6 months in Asia

Hi everyone,

this is my last blog post as an intern at WCB. What a beautiful 6 months ride! I can’t be happier!

My 6 months plan

I still remember that day when I first came into a school. I went on my vacation to Thailand and visited the WCB for the interview. I simply loved it there. What an energetic and vibrant atmosphere!

Interview printscreen

My internship has started as of June 1 which is a children’s day in my country (and we really celebrate it). So symbolic to start my studies of Digital Marketing this day. Back to school after so many years! My feelings were totally mixed. I always wanted to live in Asia and I really wanted to learn as much as possible within 6 months period. But I was so nervous at the same time. I had to leave everything in Slovakia, travel 8000km and dive deep into unknown waters. The only thought that I was repeating to myself: It will be worth it! It will be worth it! It will be worth it!


Why did I choose my internship at WCB?

I used to work in a traditional marketing, project management and business acumen jobs before but I perceived a digital marketing as a field that could be potentially a barrier for my future career. I came to WCB to extend my knowledge and develop skills to become a digital marketer. I wanted to try everything, not just study theory but really have my hands on and practice. That was my goal, my motivation and my dream. 

My LinkedIn Profile

So, how was it? How did I enjoy my internship?

Let’s be honest! First months were stressful. I had no idea what to do and if I knew then I had no idea how. It required a lot of commitment, hard work and passion to make it easier and fun. I had a feeling that I am running around like a chicken without a head (not sure if this expression exists in English but definitely reflects my feelings). From one task to another. It took some time to adapt to the new working environment, remember everything and deal with tasks on time (when everything took so long at the beginning).

In the 3rd month, I  was crossing a border to my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I still had no idea about 50% of things but I felt much more confident to decide myself, to proceed things without major supervision.

Here, I really have to mention the support of all team. Thank God I was so lucky with all people around!

dream team

The other topic was Bangkok as such. From one day to another I appeared in the city where is a real feel temperature around 50°C, where the sunset is at 6pm, where it rains like crazy and there are more people that you can even imagine.

Weather in Bangkok

Tip for accommodation near WCB: I highly recommend to everyone to find a place that is walking distance from a school. It’s not just saving your time and money for travelling but also brings you peace and relax vs. BTS/MRT’s daily experience. I lived in Soi Bamphen which was like 15mins walking from WCB. You can either live in condo (I live in Pixel Condominium) or home stays there. The street is full of restaurants, there are grocery stores and massage places on every corner. If you need any help with your accommodation, please feel free to contact this real estate agent: VISTA PROPERTY CO., LTD., Napasjira LAROQUE, nlaroque@vistappty.com.

Map of WCB to Pixel Condo

But guess what? I am in love with Bangkok. It just takes some time to adapt and find places where to go and what to do to enjoy your stay! It’s a city of never-ending possibilities. Did you know that you can do even ice-skating or surfing there?

my bangkok

What did I learn?

Ok, this is probably the part that is most interesting for those who are thinking about to join WCB. I HAVE LEARNED A LOT!!! And I am not exaggerating (I do sometimes but not on this one). Prepare your brain, it will have to function quickly and on the full capacity 🙂 #nolazydays

Social Media

What: differences between platforms and their users, when to post, how many times a week/day and what, how to analyse results
How: managing social media of Web Courses Bangkok – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, managing FB/IG ads

Content Marketing

What: creating content marketing strategy, content calendar, defining the purpose of the content, types of content (articles, blog posts, email, social media posts, pictures, videos etc.), automation of content, outreach of content, copywriting
How: creating content inline with WCB goals and calendar of courses/events, writing articles, outreach of our articles, preparation of a content calendar, Hootsuite

Picture of my article

Email Marketing

What: understanding of the purpose and value of email marketing within the whole strategy and sales funnel, managing database, creating newsletters
How: creating newsletters and content related to our courses and news in Mailchimp


Conversion Optimisation

What: ensure that our online presence converts people to buyers, this topic includes what should our website look like and what important things should be there, the power of microcopy, basics of UX (user experience), lead magnets etc.
How: Charity projects (Steps with Theera) as well as real clients



What: Ensure that website scores high on Google – organic ranking (without ads on Google), this is a complex assessment including speed of the website, links, keywords, title tags, alt text for pictures etc.
How: My major project was for Steps with Theera, a charity organisation in Bangkok

steps with theera UX comments



What: Google Analytics, Mouseflow, Social Media Insights and other
How: Using analytical tools on daily basis to understand how our activities are working and to propose actions based on that.

Google Analytics


WCB is a school of Web Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing. As an intern, you have a brilliant chance to attend all opened group classes as a benefit. I was so excited about this opportunity. Aof was laughing all the time as I always came with a huge smile and bombarded her with questions like “are we going to open this and that course?”. Make sure you will not skip any of them if they are relevant to you.

I attended these courses:  Digital Marketing Essentials, Web Design Essentials, Adobe InDesign, UX/UI Essentials, Photography Essentials


Tips for being 5-star intern

WCB is the place full of interns. It’s amazing how people can learn quickly and how they can gain new skills to start their careers either as Digital Marketers, UXUI Designers or Web Developers. WCB internship is a great opportunity for all who want to score high in the future!

Aaaaaaand, I prepared some tips for you on how to become a superstar intern and make the most out of your internship:

  • Act like professional. The intern doesn’t mean that you print things and put them together with a stapler. WCB interns are hard-working and eager to learn. If you have never been part of any team, learn to be a pro. It’s not a rocket science – respect timings and deadlines are the first and the most basic things, build professional relationships, be respectful and assertive, don’t use company’s time for your personal things. Show your commitment and treat your internship like a proper job. It’s that easy!
  • Set your goals. This must be clear from the very beginning – what do you want to achieve and learn within 6 months?
  • Learn every day. Sing up for our courses, learn on the fly, read blogs and challenge yourself.
  • Manage your internship yourself. Carl (the big boss of WCB) is there to help you and support you all the time but there is no-one more responsible for what you learn than yourself. Make sure you have everything as per your goals. It’s your choice to fulfil them.
  • Always accept additional client’s work even if it means working long hours. You will learn A LOT and you can use it in your portfolio.
  • Be enthusiastic. That’s the spirit that will help you to work easily, study faster and BE THE BEST INTERN EVER!!!

Few words at the end…

More than 20 great trips

More than 170 days in Thailand

More than 900 hours at work

More than 2000 pictures on my phone


Many new friends for life! 

WCB team, thank you for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to grow. My stay in Bangkok was not just about moving forward with my digital marketing skills but also as a person. I was challenged like never before. I was facing situations like I haven’t experienced either. You helped me a lot, supported me all the time on all fronts. I am glad, I get to know you all and I will always think about my Bangkok as one of the most amazing and valuable things that happened to me in my life. I feel absolutely thankful and happy. 

I miss you all!



Andrea is leaving BKK



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