Hey everyone, the end of October is behind the door which means Halloween is just right here. 5 months in Thailand! WoW! Despite the short working week, I had a lot of things to do and move forward. From all of them, I would like to mention 3, that were the most important for me. … Continue reading #myweek22


Hey everyone, this is the first time I am writing you some days earlier than usual. In a couple of hours, I am going to Krabi for a weekend. Do you remember what has happened the last time when I was in Laos? I switched to a vacation mode which is something that is completely … Continue reading #myweek21



Week 20 sounds COOL! How is everyone? Our WCB life is vibrant, exciting and fun! This week, we had a chance to finish our work for a client, deliver 9 websites to our DM PRO students and polish our LinkedIn account (apart from other 1000s things). Conversion optimisation for a real client As I explained … Continue reading #myweek20


Divi Example

Hello everyone, As of this week, it is less than 2 months that I will stay with my WCB family. That's scary!!! I wish I can freeze the time to learn even more. We had a busy week with the finalisation of 9 websites for students of a Digital Marketing Professional course. The whole idea is … Continue reading #myweek19


Hello, my friends, coming back to you after one week from Laos. I almost forgot to write you how was my week as I turned on my vacation mode. It's great to have a new experience that helps you to forget about all responsibilities. Although I love my job very much! But, everyone needs a … Continue reading #myweek18