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Hi everyone, it's Sunday again and my week 15 in WCB family is about to finish. This was one of the busiest weeks so far. I have a feeling that we were extremely productive and a lot of things have been done very fast. I didn't even have time for my private projects like creating … Continue reading #myweek15



Dear my readers, as every Sunday, I am writing my blog post about my week at Web Courses Bangkok. We had a lot of work to do. As you may remember, our Digital Marketing Professional course has started on Monday. The excitement in a combination with a bit of (good) stress (from my side) was all … Continue reading #myweek14


Dear my friends, I was thinking what to write on this blog post a lot. We had an amazing 5 days at work. Collaboration, support and friendship are words that are describing our team. Honestly, I was extremely homesick this week but felt so much support from the others. They were very open in discussions … Continue reading #myweek11


Hello everyone, WOW, #myweek10! That's kind of special, isn't it? I have my little "10 weeks anniversary with Bangkok" 🙂 It was a busy week in a school. It's not just that we had a lot of things to prepare and work on. In general, the school was full of people, group classes and 1-2-1 … Continue reading #myweek10


My friends, another 7 days are gone. I am enjoying my WCB journey 8 weeks already. One-third of my internship is completed (no way!!!). I really would like to emphasise that as time is what matters now. I have 6 months to learn a digital marketing and also some basic things regarding a graphic design … Continue reading #myweek8