Hello, my friends, coming back to you after one week from Laos. I almost forgot to write you how was my week as I turned on my vacation mode. It's great to have a new experience that helps you to forget about all responsibilities. Although I love my job very much! But, everyone needs a … Continue reading #myweek18


My article print screen

Hello everyone, good to see you again after these looooong 7 days. This is the first that I didn't say "this week was very quick". I am extremely happy that there will be Monday tomorrow. The new beginning and new exciting 5 working days! I am also looking forward to being at school with my friends, … Continue reading #myweek17


Hello everyone, WOW, #myweek10! That's kind of special, isn't it? I have my little "10 weeks anniversary with Bangkok" 🙂 It was a busy week in a school. It's not just that we had a lot of things to prepare and work on. In general, the school was full of people, group classes and 1-2-1 … Continue reading #myweek10